About Wilhite Pool Builders

About Wilhite Pool Builders

A Lifetime of Building & Installing Pools

Specializing in gunite and fiberglass pools, Wilhite Pool Builders are the top pool installers in the Texarkana, AR & TX area. Very customized in our designs, we are able to create the pool for you and your family. We don't strictly build and install pools. We have many products and services such as pool and spa combinations, water falls, cool water features and more. Ask about the different types of pool designs and services we're able to provide!

Gunite Pools

Texarkana's Best in Pool Installations and Remodels

The most popular type of in-ground pools are gunite pools and these can come in pretty much any shape and size to fit the customer. A unique mixture of sand and cement, gunite pools are often referred to as concrete or cement pools. What makes these pools desirable is the ability to form the pool's shape and size to what you'd like for a customized look and feel. The cement structure also makes gunite very durable and long-lasting. It's because of their durability and flexible designs that gunite pools are very popular to residential and commercial buyers.

Fiberglass pools have changed over the years with technology and Wilhite Pool Builders is right along with these changes. To keep our customers receiving the best products and services, we provide fiberglass pools that are most sought after in the industry. We only use the highest quality materials in fiberglass for our pools. Fill out a form to inquire more information about our fiberglass options.

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Fiberglass Pools & Installations

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